WX/SQL Weather Data Collection and Display
WX/SQL V0.20b

WX/SQL is a suite of software applications that accomplish three things:

  1. Collect data from an Oregon Scientific WMR-968 console and write it to a MySQL database
  2. Display the data near real time on a web page or a Java Swing application
  3. Upload data to the Weather Underground data sharing project

You can see my display page here.

At the moment, this application is in beta development and testing. You may download and test the programs freely under the GNU Public License for the time being. It SHOULD also work with the OS WMR-918, and the Radio Shack clone (WX-200?). Please feel free to test it with these units, and let me know if it works. If t doesen't, I will work with you to try to get it working.

Installation should be fairly straightforward if you follow the README

You can email me with questions here.

I hope you like it. Proceed to the download page

WX/SQL Version .20b is in test

Version .20b has some bug fixes (notably, the the ability to correctly store below freezing temperatures!) and some great enhancements. Data extraction for display is now done through a dynamic XML document. You can see the one for my station here.

I have developed a Java client that reads the XML doc, and the new HTML/CGI version reads the same XML document. They both can use the URL of any station's XML document, so you can use the same display client to display data from anywhere that is running WX/SQL. Below is a screenshot of the Java client. My display page referenced above is already running the new HTML/CGI client. I have the Java client set up to be accessed via Java Web Start (JWS), which is really easy to configure and use. You will need to have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your client to run it. I don't want to spend $300 on a security certificate, so you will get a warning about the unknown certificate. I assure you that the application is safe. You can access it here.

Here is a screen shot of the Java application

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